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17/09/2021 - 21:18

METU graduates need to fill the "Application Form" below, and also brings one photo and the receipt during the application. Graduate members cannot bring a guest with them

Graduate Member Family; METU graduates who are married, single and single children, single mother and father are included in this category. "Application Form" 1 copy of the ID card, photocopy of the diploma, marriage certificate and the application fee determined in that year Strategy Development and On account of the Department (TC Ziraat Bank METU Branch IBAN Account Code: TR 850001001537488723205006)receipt need to be provided. Graduate members cannot bring any guests but can bring only his/her child under 7 years.

NOTE: It is recommended that you make a call (210 38 43) or visit us for your membership transactions without making bank payment.

For membership application: 

For extending your membership: 

The membership fees for 2021 are listed below:

3 months: 113 TL

6 months: 212 TL

1 year: 357 TL

The session fee for 2021 is 24 TL/session.